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Jewelry Appraisal


Written Appraisal

This service is performed by a certified Gemologist at Royal Palm Jewel. It is required by your insurance company or personal curiosity.

Verbal Appraisal

This service is for people who have multiple pieces of jewelry. Your consultant will estimate the total worth of each piece of jewelry and provide a verbal estimate.

Royal Palm Jewel’s Certificate Of Sale

All fine jewelry made entirely with our materials may come with a written appraisal.

Appraisal Updates

You may also need to update your old appraisals to reflect the current market value.


There are also a number of reasons why a jewelry appraisal is necessary. If you are a collector who is interested in the approximate value of an item that they own, we can usually help.

Sometimes, a casual over-the-counter appraisal is not enough to get the job done. Having a more detailed and accurate appraisal is required in order to obtain full coverage.

Your insurance company’s policies may vary. Some policies exclude certain items, while others provide a higher percentage of funds for lost or stolen items. It is important that you thoroughly inspect your jewelry appraisal to ensure that it provides a suitable replacement.

Royal Palm Jewel’s CREDENTIALS

Our gemologists can help you with all your jewelry appraisal needs. They do it in-house and are billed at an hourly rate.

It is very important that you bring all of your jewelry to our facility in Vero Beach, FL in order for us to thoroughly inspect and value it. Once we have gotten the items appraised, we will then help you sort through them to determine which items are most valuable to you.

Your valuables are secured in our secure vault until they are analyzed and appraised. Your items will then be cleaned and inspected by our jewelers.



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